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This examination format booklet is a revised version of the one that was issued in
2008 by the National Examinations Council of Tanzania (NECTA). The revised
booklet has been prepared to cover all subjects for the Certificate of Secondary
Education Examination as prescribed by Circular Number 1 of the Ministry of
Education and Vocational Training (MoEVT) of April 2006 (appendix 3) and will be
used with effect from 2019. It includes all the core and optional subjects assessed by

The booklet has been revised to accommodate important changes in learning, which have occurred since 2008. These changes include the revision of syllabuses for subjects such as 032 Chemistry (2010), 036 Information and Computer Studies (2010), 031 Physics (2010), 015 Elimu ya Dini ya Kiislamu (2012), 014 Bible Knowledge (2012), 019 Theatre Arts (2014), 061 Commerce (2016), 062 Book-keeping and the introduction of 026 Chinese Language (2015) in the Ordinary Level Certificate of Secondary Education Examinations (CSEE). The changes are also linked to the new educational policy of 2014, which among other things, direct the country to achieve middle level economy and industrial development by 2025.

Therefore, the National Examinations Council of Tanzania has to redefine its procedures primarily for competence-based assessment. Moreover, the examination format booklet covers the reviewed modes of administering practical examinations in which One Month Advance Instructions have been replaced by a checklist of the required materials for conducting such

The Examination Formats are presented in five numbered paragraphs for the introduction, general objectives, general competencies, examination rubric and examination content. The table of specifications is inserted at the end of each format and indicates the total weight for each topic and total percentage weighting for the paper.

Generally, this format booklet is expected to provide guidance for examination setters,
moderators and teachers to set fair, valid and reliable assessment for student candidates. Also the format provides guidance to students on the structure of the examination paper. However, classroom teachers are strongly advised not to replace
the syllabus with examination formats.



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