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Prime Minister Kasim Majaliwa, announced t in parliament yesterday in response to a question by the Member of the Edge, Abdallah Aunt (CCM), who wanted to be aware of the government’s strategy to ensure the education and health sectors have more employees.

 “The education and health sectors have a huge staff shortage. Now, what is the government’s strategy to ensure we have enough staff to serve Tanzanians?”

 the legislator questioned. In his response, the Prime Minister acknowledged that the two sectors have a need for staff due to the government expanding its services to the suburbs level. “The government has started issuing employment permits in both health and education sectors, even in agriculture. Last year, we recruited 6,000 employees and now have the latest clearance of 16,000 employees on the secondary and primary level.

 “We believe after these jobs in secondary and primary education, we will have significantly reduced the shortage of teachers, and so in the health sector, we want to make sure we send professionals. The infrastructure-building strategy will go hand in hand with hiring professionals, ”he said. He added that the government has made significant improvements and the policy stipulates that each ward should have a health center and each district to have a hospital. 

He said what was going on at the moment was the construction of a clinic and health centers in need of doctors. On May 22, 2017, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Services and Social Development, told Parliament that, in Tanzania, it was facing a shortage of 182,899 primary and 69,794 secondary school teachers

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