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Minister, Kassim Majali has met and held talks with Cuban Deputy First Minister of Foreign Affairs, Marcelino Medina Gonzalez where he has invited Cubans to invest in the agricultural sector, especially sugar cane. 

He met with the leader today (Monday, September 9, 2019) in the office of Prime Minister, Parliament in Dodoma. The Prime Minister has thanked the Cuban government for the positive contribution it makes to the Tanzanian government in improving the development of the community. 

“Tanzania and Cuba have a historical relationship. We recognize the good relations between the two countries, which existed since the first phase of government under the leadership of the National Father. Julius Nyerere and former Cuban President, Fidel Castro. ”

The Prime Minister said the Cuban government has made great strides in sugar production, and has invited Cubans to join the Government of Tanzania in increasing sugar production by improving sugarcane farming and establishing sugar factories. 

Similarly, the Prime Minister has said the Government will continue to strengthen its relationship with the Cuban government as the country is one of the country's longest-running political, social, health and economic partners. 

"For example, in the health sector, many doctors from Cuba have been coming to Tanzania to treat patients with serious illnesses and the Cuban government has been giving Tanzanians the opportunity to study medicine."

The Prime Minister has also invited Cubans to invest in the tourism sector, especially because of the beaches because Tanzania has beautiful beaches. He said one of Cadadero's Cuban cities draws more than one million tourists a year and relies on only one large 22-km-long beaches. 

Speaking about the Tanzanian embassy opened in Cuba, the Prime Minister said it helped ease communication because previously there was only one ambassador who was representing Cuba in Tanzania.

For his part, the First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba, Marcelino Medina Gonzalez said the Cuban government will ensure its relationship with the Tanzanian government. He also commended the Government's efforts to improve development as well as to stimulate the economy. 

The leader also said the Cuban government was pleased with the Tanzanian government's decision to open the embassy in Cuba because it has deepened relations and cooperation between the two countries. The leader has also visited Zanzibar before coming to Dodoma

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