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The government has taken various actions through projects funded by the United Nations Climate Change Agreement to control the environmental damage caused by climate change in the Pemba and Unguja Islands. 

This was stated today on September 5,2019 by the Deputy Minister's Office of the Vice President Union and Environment Hon. Mussa Sima in the Dodoma Assembly in response to the question of the Speaker of the Hon. Mwantum Dau Haji asked that speed of erosion and soil scarcity in the Unguja and Pemba Islands threaten the survival of the islands.What practical steps have been taken to save the islands? 

Hon. Sima said through the Community Capacity Building Project to Withstand the Impact of Climate Change-LDCF implemented in 2012 to 2018, various activities have been undertaken including the construction of two 25-meter walls each in the Panza-Pemba Island area and the construction of seafront ( groynes. 

The Deputy Minister also mentioned mangrove planting in Pemba Island starting with 200 hectares, Tumbe 10 hectares, Ukele 7 hectares and Tovuni 1 hectares and mangrove planting Zanzibar areas of 8 hectares and 1.4 hectares. 

He added that through the Land Reduction and Food Production Reduction Project in arid areas (2017-2022), activities are expected to take place in Micheweni County Micheweni and Chiuyu Mombewombe areas which are to build drainage systems in the fields. prevent seawater from entering the fields. 

The other is to provide education on climate change-based agriculture through farmland, tree planting to conserve soil and conservation, and small business development to enable communities to have alternative income-generating activities.  

Honorable Speaker, the Government will continue to partner with the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar to combat the effects of climate change, control erosion, and tackle soil scarcity. Concluded Minister Sima

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