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The Ministry of Agriculture said it is reviewing the entire crop distribution system to eliminate delays and ongoing theft which at the end of the day causes the farmer to carry the load. 
Deputy Prime Minister HUSSEIN BASHE said in response to Bunda MP's additional question BONIFAFE GETERE who wanted to know whether cotton growers in the 2019/2020 season would be cut inputs. 

In response to this question BASHE has said that in this agricultural season many things will change in the distribution of inputs. 
In a key question for Ukerewe MP JOSEPH GROUP has questioned the government's plan to conduct scientific research to advise the citizens of Ukerewe what crops should be cultivated and how to use the land less effectively. 
Responding to the question BASHE said the government's strategy through the Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute {TARI} is to conduct soil and soil health research in all seven agricultural ecological regions of the country including the Mwanza region.

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