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The government has canceled all permits issued to scrap metal dealers and hazardous waste in general without complying with the law and ordering the licensing process to resume the law to ensure environmental compliance.

The statement was made by the Minister of State in the office of the Vice President (Union and Environment) Hon. George Simbachawene during a Summit with metalworkers held on September 4, 2019 in Dar es Salaam.

From that point the Hon. Simbachawene has instructed the Secretary-General's Office of the Vice President to quickly set up a team of experts from the National Conservation and Environmental Management Council (NEMC) to conduct inspections of all permits and collected metals.

He explained that some permits have been challenged including anonymity or audit of more than one business which has been undermining the Government's revenue.

"This weak government has no intention of removing someone from this scrap metal we care about and it is a good business but until the time we follow the procedure and have a permit because we have realized there are many flaws in the many permits issued," he said.

On the other hand Hon. Simbachawene announced that the Government has amended a shilling bill of shs. 10 million of which were allegedly by these small businesses and shs. 5 million to shs. 5 thousand.

Hon. Simbachawene notes that the bills are a legal requirement and cannot be debated or changed until the law is passed in Parliament to discuss so it will not be possible to remove it and that the Office continues to administer it.

Previously speaking NEMC Director General Dr. Samuel Gwamaka said that the aim of the initiative was to formalize the business of scrap metal and differentiate small and large businesses to create a better environment.

Dr. Gwamaka explained that when a businessman submits his request to the NEMC they review and submit to the Vice President's Office which in turn submits it to the Minister of State who in turn issues the approval within 14 days.

"In the past the NEMC was not very involved in scrap metal issues but the Minister directed the Council to start overseeing its implementation of hazardous waste regulations and scrap metal

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