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My fellow TANZANIA, I know you know that in the near future the Tanzanian and Ugandan countries are looking forward to holding a joint trade summit which will be the first to be held in our country.

To remind you, the conference is expected to take place from September 6 to September 7 this year at the Julius Nyerere hall in Dar es Salaam.

The summit between Tanzania and Uganda looks forward to engaging local business people.

The forum will in one way or another be a great opportunity for the traders of those countries to change the trading experience and a good way to continue cooperating in the interests of both parties.

The Phase Five Government under the leadership of a patriotic and patriotic President Dr. John Alcohol Magufuli, among other things, has laid a solid foundation in ensuring that locally produced products reach the market in other countries including East Africa.

The Tanzanian industrial slogan that has been promoted by our President has been a catalyst for Tanzanians to actively participate in the development of manufacturing alongside the production of quality products that can compete in the World, Africa and East African markets in general.

Before I continue to discuss the importance of the trade summit between Tanzania and Uganda, I would like to spend at least one or two minutes to express my sincere congratulations to President Dr.Magufuli in such a way that he has decided to open doors to invite various countries to come to invest.

With great love for his country, he has made sure he puts emphasis on the construction of investment and commercial infrastructure and as a result the awakening of Tanzanians in investing and trade has been huge and productive. Congratulations to our President for the wonderful work that you are doing for the development of our country.

However through a bilateral trade summit, it is clear that Tanzania will use the opportunity as an opportunity to advertise its products and at the same time Uganda will showcase its products.

It is a conference that for me I have come at exactly the right time considering under President Magufuli our country has had a favorable commercial environment. It is high time for both countries to use the exhibition to build skills in product development and marketing.

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