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Minister of State, Office of the President, Regional Administration and Local Government Hon.Seleman Jafo has instructed the country's councils to have a strategic plan to meet with Religious Institutions at least twice a year to discuss various issues as these institutions have made a significant contribution to Nation.

Minister Jafo said this in Dodoma Sept.4,2019 when he closed the 82nd meeting of the Christian Medical Association of Tanzania (TCMA) where he said that among the most important people in any nation are doctors and teachers, so religious leaders are important teachers who help educate society to have good values ​​and a good foundation for living including the avoidance of the evil acts of drugs, Theft, Laziness and Terrorism.

To this end Minister Jafo has instructed Councils across the country to hold meetings with religious leaders at least twice a year in order to discuss the issues of nation building.

"Among the most important people in this nation and around the world are Doctors and Teachers, you religious leaders are good teachers who change people's bad behavior and good manners. only I urge councils across the country to have the custom of meeting with religious institutions at least twice a year to discuss various challenges as you have been a great help to the government ”he said.

In addition, Minister Jafo congratulates TCMA on launching the "Know Your Numbers for Your Health" as it will be a great leap to educate the public on health issues especially Non-communicable Disease Education which has developed as a result of non-adherence to Good Health Principles, which results in poor nutrition and High blood pressure [Hypertension].

"Among the most challenging areas is Non-communicable Disease People Eating Where do you think Fashion is, and the cost of treatment for non-communicable diseases has been high. So congratulate them on launching this campaign" Know your numbers for your health ". education about adherence to good health principles, and I have not seen anyone with an herb in it ”he said.

Tanzania Medical Association president Bwire Chilangi has submitted a proposal to the government including councils focusing on filling vacant posts in religious hospitals that are in short supply, with each health center having an account to avoid delays, councils focusing on Geography and the location in the hospital religious services and through services offered in line with reality.

And the executive director of the Christian Social Services Comission Institute (CSSC) which oversees the Health and Education for the Catholic Bishops' Council and the Christian Community in Tanzania, Peter Maduki said Churches will continue to provide health and education without discrimination forever and in compliance government regulations and procedures and Good Use of Financial Resources.

The Association of Christian Doctors in Tanzania (TCMA) has accomplished approximately 82 years since its inception in 1937 when the association owns various referral hospitals including Bugando Hospital in Mwanza

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