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Minister for Land Housing and Residential Development William Lukuvi has launched a land cave payment service through the mobile phone network through Airtel Money.

The launch of the Land Cash payment through Airtel Money simplifies the service where landowners will be able to make payments through the mobile network without having to go to Land offices.

Speaking in Dodoma today on September 9, 2019, when launching the service, Minister for Land and Housing Development William Lukuvi said the government's initiative to make payments on government invoices using the GePG system has simplified payment of various government taxes, including cave tax of land.

He said the system of government payments has come with many benefits such as proper record keeping, timely payment, reduction of government revenue, eliminating corruption and increasing government revenue.

'' We are pleased once again to announce that Airtel's mobile phone company has simplified the payment of the land tax through Airtel Money. This is a simple service and will reduce a lot of annoyances when making payments '' said Lukuvi.

He called on Airel's telecommunications company to help encourage citizens who use the company's mobile network to pay various government taxes, including land tax on airtel money as it facilitates making payments anywhere.

Minister Lukuvi said his ministry's goal was now to use telecommunications companies to remind citizens to pay land tax through telecommunications instead of the current system of tracking debtors.

'' Now the land tax payer offices are in your backyard you can pay without going to land offices '' said Lukuvi.

On the other hand, Airtel Communications Director Beatrice Singano said, supporting government efforts is one of Airtel's biggest agenda and pointing out that the company understands the importance of collecting taxes and paying government payments as the only way to bring about development.

According to Singles, Airtel will continue to partner with other government agencies to fulfill the Government's goal of raising revenue and calling on Tanzanians to continue using electronic services as they are innovative and emphasize that the company is owned by Tanzanians. 49% and the use of the Internet is to use what the Tanzanians do

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