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Minister of State, Office of the President, Regional Administration and Local Government (PMO-RALG), WAITARA has stated that the Local Government Electoral Regulations for 2019 have not given any authority to the Regional or District Commissioner to be the electoral officer.
WAITARA tweeted this September 5 in parliament here in response to the Kibamba MP JOHN MNYIKA's question over the reasons for regional and district heads to be given control of the elections when they are cadres of the Revolutionary Party while expressing fears that the elections will not be free and fair .
Responding to the question, WAITARA said the election was chaired by a responsible minister and would be free and fair so he had no reason to panic.
Local government elections in 2019 are expected to take place on 24 November with the current emphasis on voter education for the people.

In another move the Government said the plan to help poor households is committed to ensuring that complaints of unfair discrimination, discrimination and exclusion of poor people from the program are not repeated and electronic systems will be used.

This was stated today in parliament in Dodoma by the deputy minister in the office of public administration and good governance MERRY MwANjELWA when responding to a question by Tunduru North engineer engineer RAMO MAKANI.

NANJELWA said the biggest challenge the program has faced is the outcry from some poor people who have not been able to access the program in villages, streets and shehia approximately 5,693.

The Ombudsman has emphasized that strict measures will be taken for officials and staff at all levels who in their areas will be exposed to unmanned persons or households in the second phase of the program.

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