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By Shamim Nyaki - WHUSM

Deputy Minister of Information, Culture, Arts and Sport Hon Juliana Shonza said that the government does not hold sponsorships for sport, but is responsible for setting the environment for the sponsor who wants to fund any sport due to him or her.

Mr Shonza said this today in Parliament when Dodoma was responding to a question by MP.Sophia Yeargenda (Special Chairs) who asked when will the Government ensure funding is available for women's sports especially fist games.

Responding to the question, Mr Shonza explained that sport funding comes from the sponsor to see the commercial and social benefits of the sponsorship, which he has emphasized that Tanzania currently has a major women's football league sponsored by Serengeti Breweries. Serengeti Lite that has funded from the profits they have seen will receive.

"Funding is not enforced by the Government but is a matter of choice on the part of the donors who take advantage when they see the commercial opportunities that will benefit them. So the Government's responsibility is to strengthen the relationship and create an enabling environment for the benefit of both parties" emphasized Hon.

In addition Hon. Shonza in response to the additional question of the MP who asked when the Government will provide gymnastics to the athletes, explaining that the issue of promoting and developing sports in the country also involves stakeholders so it is the duty of all citizens to see sport as an important part of society and to invest in the sphere various.

However Hon. Shonza has called on all Sports stakeholders in the country to help convince companies, institutions and all stakeholders to sponsor and fund the development of sports in the country including women

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