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Faustine Gimu Phone, Dodoma.

Deputy Minister of Agriculture Mr. Husse Bashe said one of the barriers that were causing the Agricultural Sector to continue to have problems included disputes and long-standing cases against Agricultural Companies in which the government has decided to clear all cases facing the companies so that they can buy farmers. .


Mr Bashashe said he had said this Sept. 3,2019 in Dodoma in a meeting that brought together the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, the Ministry of Finance and agricultural stakeholders in the country.


Deputy Minister Bashe said agricultural companies were owed more than Tsh 10 trillion by the government which was causing them to fail to provide services to farmers so the government has a comprehensive plan to clear all cases and fines so that they can provide services to farmers.


In addition, Mr Bashe said he had agreed with the Tanzania Revenue Authority [TRA] that within 90 days from Sept.4,2019 the litigation matter for 4 agricultural companies had expired so that the companies could continue to sell produce to farmers.


Also Deputy Minister Bashe said there is more than 12 kilograms of Tobacco in the hands of Farmers and Agricultural Companies under the Tanzania Tobacco Board and will meet with farmers to buy the kilos from Sept. 12,2019.

On his part, Tobacco Board Chairman, Tanzania Tobacco Board [TTB] Hassan Mwakasuvi said it was good for farmers to respect the agreements while saying that the session's resolutions were a comfort to farmers in the coming agricultural season. 


And Tanzania Tobacco Tobacco Association Chairman Emanuel Cherehani congratulated the government on the decision as it called for implementation within the aforementioned deadline to urge farmers to continue taking care of their tobacco products.


In addition, Cherehani has previously stated that tobacco production in 2015 was 120 million but has dropped to 41 million which has affected farmers and the Government as a whole

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