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Tanzania's Minister of Agriculture, Mr Japhet Hasunga (Mb) today, September 5, 2019, has met with a delegation of six Mashav Directors of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

At a work conference held at the Israeli Foreign Ministry Office at 9 Yitzhak Rabin in Jerusalem in Israel, the Minister of Agriculture has presented various aspects of the agricultural sector including monitoring its implementation.

Hasunga thanked the Israeli government for accepting the request of the President of the United Republic of Tanzania, Mr John Pombe Magufuli to increase the number of students participating in Agro Studies in Agriculture over a one year period from 45 to 100.

During the session, Minister Hasunga reminded the six ambassadors of the request by the President of the United Republic of Tanzania, Mr John Pombe Magufuli, to increase the number of students to 300 students.

Hasunga said the ambassador had sincerely praised and supported the efforts of the Tanzanian government led by Dr John Pombe Magufuli as it is a government of action and accountability so they are ready to ensure cooperation between the two countries.

The session also discussed in detail how to further improve relations between Tanzania and Israel, in particular, in strengthening cooperation in the fields of research, crop value addition, and how to increase farm size and productivity.

Also, Mr Hasunga has submitted a petition to get various Israeli companies to visit Tanzania and invest in irrigation.

"If we find companies to assist Tanzania in irrigation issues we will have the opportunity to transform our agriculture from rain-dependent agriculture into eventually irrigation" He emphasized.

The Israeli government has agreed to consider increasing the number of young people from Tanzania who visit Israel for study and will also increase the chances of various professionals including extension officers in Tanzania to visit Israel for capacity building.

Deputy Director of the Institute for Foreign Cooperation in Israel Ndg Yuval Fuchs said that the Israeli government had approved the request of Tanzanian Agriculture Minister Japhet Hasunga and said that Israel is ready to cooperate with Tanzania to improve the agricultural sector from subsistence farming to commercial agriculture

He also said he would persuade various companies to invest in Tanzania in good cooperation with the government as Tanzania has good fertile land for agriculture.

He also congratulated Minister Hasunga on a visit to Israel for a professional tour where he said that there had been a special session that discussed how to improve agriculture in Tanzania.

Likewise, Israeli Ambassador to Israel Ambassador Job Daud Masima has said that the session of the Minister of Agriculture is a continuation of the ministerial visit to Israel, adding that the session has provided a reflection of collective reflection to see how the training will benefit Tanzanian youth.

He said Minister Hasunga has met with a delegation of 6 ambassadors and his aides to East African affairs, which has honored the Tanzanian government where 100 young people will be welcomed in Israel by minister Hasunga today on 5 September 2019.

And CEO of Agrostudies Institute Ndg Yaron Tamir said that the students who participated in the training from Tanzania have provided good cooperation and that the training they have received should continue to improve agriculture in Tanzania

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