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Specialists from the World Bank are in the country for the purpose of evaluating the implementation of the Judicial Service Improvement Project funded by loan money from the Bank.
The purpose of the mission to visit the Tribunal is to help overcome various barriers to speed up the effectiveness of the project in achieving its intended objectives.
In addition; The experts, who will be in the country for seven (7) days, arrived on August 23, 2019 and have already visited some of the Musoma-Mara High Court Building Projects, the Simiyu Resident Magistrate's Court as well as reviewing the development of the Mobile Court in Mwanza.
According to the timetable provided by the Judicial Improvement Unit (JDU), the delegation has already met with other Office / Directorate Supply and Purchasing Directorate as well as the members will be informed of the steps to implement the various objectives set by each Department / Unit.
Similarly, on August 27, 2019, the delegation received the opportunity to meet the Chief Executive of the Tanzanian High Court, Mr. Hussein Kattanga and talks about the implementation of the project.
Upon completion of the visit schedule, they will provide suggestions / suggestions for further areas to improve the implementation of the five year project (2015 / 2016-2019 / 2020

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