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Temeke Municipality said it is working on the complaint of entrepreneur, Stumai Simba who claims to be banned from selling porridge at the International Dar es Salaam Trade Show (DITF) on Sabasaba.

The entrepreneur has sparked a conversation on social networks after reports surfaced on social networks stating that a self-proclaimed Temeke Municipal health officer prevented him from selling porridge for not having his office certificate.

Stumai said yesterday that he told the health officer that he had the approval of the Tanzania Food and Drug Authority (TFDA) but did not agree with him and instead sent police officers who released him to the stadium.

Commenting on the matter yesterday, Temeke District Administrative Secretary, Hashim Komba said he had information on the incident and that he was closely monitoring the facts when the facts became clear.

“The information we received though it was too late, we are working on it closely. I had the opportunity to meet the daughter yesterday (yesterday) and she explained the challenge to me, ”said Komba.

He said they were still searching for the health officer and earlier reports indicate that he was from Keko County as he had been scheduled to work on the Sabbath.

Komba said he would meet with the Temeke Municipal health officer to listen to the other side before taking action.

“It is not the Government's intention to harass young entrepreneurs. The government's responsibility is to create an enabling environment for them to carry out their activities effectively, ”he said.

The entrepreneur said the officer went to his place of business and demanded that he have a municipal certificate otherwise he would leave.

He said he sent a complaint to the TFDA who was present at the exhibition who said they expressed their surprise at the move because they had refused approval after they were satisfied that its business environment was clean.

The entrepreneur said on July 8 he had to pour over 300 cups of porridge and continued to pay his assistants despite having no business.

Women's rights activist and co-founder of the Girl Initiative Institute, Rebeca Gyumi has written on her Twitter page about the issue saying that when someone decides to hire themselves, the authorities should create a friendly environment for their activities.

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