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The Ministry of Construction, Transport and Communication has begun to collect comments from the Land Transport stakeholders in the country, comments that will help improve the eight draft regulations drafted by the ministry that will help remove some of the Land Transport barriers. Speaking in Dodoma on August 28,2019 while opening the session involving transport stakeholders as well as LATRA ground transport authority, Dr Transport Secretary Leonard Chamriho called on the stakeholders to be free in their comments that will help bring positive results to the Land Transport industry. .
LATRA Director of Transportation Regulatory Authority Gerald Ngewe has said that stakeholder views are crucial to reforming policy and legislation in the sector. However, he has referred to clause 10 on the Terms, which require a transit user not to use alcohol, to wear a clean uniform, not to allow people to do business on the bus, not to exceed passengers as well as to comply with speed limits. And some Transport Stakeholders in the country have said that it is good for LATRA to focus more on providing education for stakeholders

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