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Agriculture-Dar es SalaamThe Phase Five Government under the direct leadership of Hon. John Alcohol Joseph Magufuli, President of the United Republic of Tanzania, is fully committed to ensuring that it cooperates with all stakeholders in ensuring that the grain industry continues and eliminates the challenges that arise.
Agriculture Minister Japhet Hasunga (Mb) made the remarks today on 29 August 2019 while opening a meeting with traders and grain processors at the international JNICC conference hall in Dar es Salaam and added that, the Government alone, cannot remove the challenges. without traders, processors and exporters to cooperate with the Government.
At the meeting the Minister Hasunga mentioned the opportunities available in the Grain industry as well as the area of ​​arable land estimated at 44 million hectares. Of these, 29.4 million hectares are suitable for irrigation. The area is suitable for growing all commercial and food crops, including cereal crops such as maize, sorghum, rice, wheat and others.
Another opportunity said that the Government, through the Ministry of Energy, is working hard to bring electricity to rural areas where grain is available. So far 70% of the villages in the country have been provided with electricity. The same electricity should also be used in the processing area. To date, a small portion of warehouses in the processing of rice and maize through the rice and maize processing machines.
Mr Hasunga said that there are some places, good warehouses have been built by the Government to maintain good grain storage. For example, many warehouses built during BRN have not yet been able to function properly.
He said our country has very different ecosystems, which causes some areas to have enough rainfall, and some areas to have no rainfall.Areas with sufficient rainfall produce sufficient food and supplement. For areas that have produced surpluses, they have a better chance of moving that excess to other less productive areas.
“Also, our country is surrounded by countries that do not have as much agricultural opportunity as we have.Among them are Uganda, Kenya, Congo, Sudan and others. This is another market opportunity as if we produce well, the external market certainty, is also great ”
Agriculture Minister Japhet Hasunga mentioned the topics to be discussed at the conference including the Opportunity for the grain market in Africa and Tanzania's ability to produce grain and traders to participate fully, the loss of post-harvest cereals, National strategy of the control and findings of the Warehousing situation in the country, Increasing the value of the crop and improving the grain trading environment and the Marketing system and experience.
He said that the topics would also provide an opportunity for a better understanding of the grain industry to have resolutions that would respond to various challenges especially the access to information and the effective use of the opportunities in the industry.
"Give my thanks to all the participants, listen carefully, be transparent, and freely discuss the topics wide and long, so that after these two days, we will come up with resolutions that will address the challenges of the Grain Industry" emphasized Hon Hasunga

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