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The government has withdrawn the ownership of the three Mkomazi Plantantions MOA which is situated in the district of Mkinga in Tanga district for violating the terms of the development including unplanned development and non-payment of land tax.
The decision was announced today on August 30, 2019 by Land and Housing Development Minister William Lukuvi as he addressed the Mayomboni community in Mkinga district in Tanga as he went to resolve a long-standing dispute in the area.
The vacated land is document No. 9780 with a size of 14,688 acres, a farm No. 4268 acres 804 and a farm with a Document No. 9781 246 acres where all three farms have a size of 15,738 acres.
Following the decision, a total of ten villages with 3,236 households with 16,450 residents will benefit from the government's decision to its citizens to invade the plantations and to develop residential, school, and permanent agricultural activities.
The villages benefiting from the Government's decision to clear the land of the Mkomazi Plantations are Kilulu-Dunga, Zingibari, Mwaboza, Mwakikoya, Mandakini, Nkomini, Sigaya, Mayomboni, Ndumba, and Maoa village.
Commenting on the announcement, the Minister of Land and Housing Development William Lukuvi said the decision to clear the three farms was in response to a request from President John Alcohol Magufuli to seek the removal of the land due to long-term failure.
He said the President approved the application as the government had been promoting the implementation of the Land Act 4 of 1999, including the development of privately owned land.
The Minister of Land and Housing Development ordered a survey of all ten villages located within the same farm and identified the boundaries of the villages and issued a document in which he wanted the people to live in the villages to be harmed.
In addition, Minister Lukuvi called for the proposed land investment areas to be excluded for the operation, including the 500-acre Katani Azka International Tanzania and industrial areas as salt-producing and emphasizing that the government wants investment that will provide employment youth and at the same time earn income through land tax.
In another move Minister of Land Housing and Residential Development William Lukuvi has ordered a review of some of the Mtili Estates Co Ltd properties located in Mkinga in Tanga province where only 58 acres have been requested to be cleared of the President due to non-development as the body claimed to own 2,841 acres.
The move follows the Head of the Department of Land and Natural Resources at Mkinga District Council Obed Katonge explaining that, for Mtili Estates Co Ltd, it has a 2,841-acre different farm and is reflected in the records of the Northern Registrar's office which is 58..
Lukuvi instructed landowners from the Northern Zone to conduct the survey within a month and report to him in September 2019, explaining that once it is proven there is a conspiracy done to increase the landowner and serious measures will be taken against the perpetrators.
Mkanga Constituency MP in Tanga Dustan Kitandula thanked the five-phase government for listening to the long-standing outcry of the people living in the cleared land for their land reclaimed for various activities.
The land dispute between the landowners and the landowners of the Mkomazi Plantantions Co. Ltd has long been a dream, but the decision made by the government has made them happy and peaceful

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