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The Tanga Cement factory has urged the Government to accelerate its plans to bring gas to the city from Mtwara so that production costs can be reduced.

The plant's mechanical control manager, Pamphil Mumwi said yesterday that if gas energy is to be delivered to Tanga, it will enable the factory to stop using coal, with the possibility of a single cement package being sold for Sh9,000 instead of Sh13,000.

Mumwi said gas would save the factory from the cost of buying and transporting coal from Liganga in Songea or South Africa.

"Every day we have to use from 400 to 500 tonnes of coal, one truck carries 30 tons. It means we must daily transport more than 16 coal trucks from Liganga or South Africa," said Mwwi.

The manager said that if gas was found in the factory it would be a coal alternative.

On electricity he said the existing power plants are 30 megawatts from the Tanzania Electricity Corporation (Tanesco).

He said the electricity would have no substitute even if gas from Mtwara would be brought to the factory.

"It is to be noted that Tanesco's electricity has no alternative. We always insist on avoiding it because our machinery is suddenly shut down and it is a huge loss due to the rotation that the cement reactors need to be turned off," said Mumwi.

Acting Tanga Regional Administrative Secretary, Monica Kinala called on engineers to remove fears about gas emissions from Mtwara because the Government is in the process of ensuring the supply of gas to various regions.

"Take my mind off, Tanga Cement, along with other existing and prospective investors, is that the government is putting in place strategies that will ensure energy efficiency in the industry," said Monica

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