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Today, I have had the opportunity to continue with my articles of National Interest. Today I'm talking about Tanzanian National Struggle, your country is in disasters, and you're happy, what kind of patriotism is this? This is arguably the most bizarre nationalism ever.

Tanzanian National Struggle, Your Country Is Cursed !, Your President Is Cursed !, We Are Silenced! What Is Nationalism?

Boarding, Articles of National Interest by Pascal Mayalla. I continue with my Articles For National Interests, which are published in the Good Citizen magazine daily Monday. These Articles will be followed by a TV show with the same name that will premiere on …

After being informed of our flight arrests and banned in South Africa, there are some of our fellow Tanzanians enjoying the flight, these are wonderful people.

When a baby is severely stinging, it becomes resistant, itchy, it is ready to do anything regardless of whether it is sprayed or not. So is it possible that the scrap metal has made some of our fellow Tanzanians happy with their nation's disasters?

Anyone who enjoys the tragedies of another, this is a sadist, receives gratification for the suffering of others, is it possible some of our fellow Tanzanians have become so sadists to enjoy disasters for their nation?

Following this, we in Tanzania as a nation need to redefine, our patriotism to our nation through a nationalist awareness campaign, through nationalist advocacy programs for civic education to separate national events and political events.

Although President Magufuli is a CCM and he ran for the presidency of Tanzania with the CCM ticket, and after winning it the CCM won and formed the government, so is the CCM government, so there are opposition parties who see President Magufuli as CCM president and count the government. Tanzania is a CCM government, so for everything the government does, for the sake of the CCM, so any success of President Magufuli and his government, they count on the success of the CCM, so if the country experiences any disasters, they are glad to count it disasters for CCM.

The fact is that, although the candidate is sponsored by a political party, and recommended by a political party, after being approved by the NEC, he is now a national candidate and is elected by all Tanzanians and not his party members.

Once elected, he becomes a national leader, a leader of all and not a leader of his party.

So President Magufuli though he is a CCM, not a CCM president, he is the president of all Tanzanians including the opposition, so any calamities that will befall the country are not disasters for President Magufuli, and his government, not disasters for the CCM government, are disasters for the whole Tanzania as The country and the victims of these disasters are not the president Magufuli and the CCM government, but the president Magufuli and the Tanzanian government and the whole country of Tanzania as a nation including all of us Tanzanians, be the CCM, the opposition, no party, the farmer, the planters , when a country experiences a catastrophe such as the capture and capture of our aircraft, it is a national disaster, we will all be affected.

True patriotism for your country includes wishing it well and prosperity no matter which party is in power, progress has no parties, and true nationalism of your nation also has no parties, any national disaster is a tragedy for all, a true nationalist for his nation he cannot enjoy any disasters for his nation regardless of which party is in power.

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