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Savings are very important in the pursuit of life, if you talk to different people and ask them about saving you will get a lot of answers. but with a little planning, you will be able to save enough
These are no techniques that will in one way or another allow you to save
     1: Be financially disciplined
This is a small thing to do but it is very difficult to fulfill. Any money requires discipline. ten than to bounce randomly

      2: Set measurable goals

Most middle- and low-income people tend not to set goals but setting goals will help you save for future goals, for example setting goals that when I need to build you should focus on building goals if you have to keep in mind that will remind you to save. for building, Goals are important Do everything to goals.

   3: Stay away from your income

This is a great test for some people, many people fail to live like they want to live like that; ww spend according to your income and don't look at Somewhere money savings

       4: Decrease income by percentage

Make plans for yourself that in your income you will be saving several percent for savings if it is ten or twenty percent and if you try not to overlook the details you focus on saving over time.

     5: Stay away from your dumb

When you have stored away from it we human beings are so created with desire that when you have a problem and when the money is near you will just give it up and use it already you will have ruined your goals, so stay away from your dumb

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