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Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has said he is not in a hurry to retire, and does not plan to prepare anyone to inherit his position and instead focuses on strengthening Uganda's economic growth and the African continent as a whole.

In a direct communication with his supporters on the social networking site, Museveni said that the incumbent leaders on the African continent had not shown a genuine desire to resolve the problems facing the continent, and would not be at peace if he retired today.

President Museveni made that statement while traveling from Uganda to Yokohama in Japan, where he spent the time interacting with his supporters on his social network, which he calls his grandchildren.

In addition, the grandchildren asked Museveni many questions about Uganda's situation, which are irritating and exciting, focusing on issues of democracy, economy, and their living conditions.

However, supporters of President Museveni on Facebook's social network, want him to retire and become a consultant, suggesting that MP, Robert Kyagulanyi's famous 'Bobi Wine' be his successor, promising to recognize Museveni as the father of the nation and give him national honors.

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