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Tanzania has urged the International Community and Japan to continue to find lasting solutions to the many challenges still facing other African countries, including international terrorism, crime, climate change, drought, famine and related diseases and to contribute and invest in projects. created by the Tanzanian government for improving the damaged environment due to the presence of Refugee camps in various areas of the country.
The statement was made by the Prime Minister, Hon. Kassim State of the Nation Address of the Heads of State and Government on Enhancing Peace and Security in Africa held during the 7th Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD 7) concluded today August 30, 2019 in Yokohama, Japan.
Hon. The Prime Minister said that such projects, including technology exchanges across border areas and early warning systems for the prevention of various emergencies would help improve the environment that has been largely destroyed by refugees and asylum seekers.
“The presence of refugees and asylum-seekers in one way or another affects the environment, society's security and the economy they receive. So it is our request for you to partner with us on various projects to improve the environment, ”said Hon. Prime Minister.
He added that for many years Tanzania has been a refuge for refugees from neighboring countries fleeing from political, ethnic and ethnic conflicts. He explained that as of August 1, 2019, Tanzania is saving about 305,983 refugees.
Similarly, Hon. The Prime Minister added that, in order to ensure universal peace, Tanzania plays a major role in peace, stability and conflict resolution in Africa and is one of the contributing countries for peace missions in various countries in Africa and the world.
At the same time, Hon. The Prime Minister has held talks with the Commissioner-General of the International Organization for Refugees (UNHCR), Mr. Fillipo Grandi met at the edge of the Tokyo Seventh Conference on African Development.
During the conversation, Hon. The Prime Minister and Mr. Grandi has agreed to strengthen cooperation in ensuring security at the refugee camps, strengthening the borders as well as tackling the challenge of environmental damage by refugees.
Addressing the Seventh International Conference on African Development (TICAD 7) held for three days in Yokohama, Japan. Hon. The Prime Minister said the summit ended successfully with the heads of State agreeing to implement the Yokohama Declaration aimed at revolutionizing Africa by strengthening security, education, science and technology and promoting the private sector.
He said that Tanzania would be fully prepared to implement the resolutions reached at the summit which are of great benefit to African countries. Hon. The Prime Minister explained that the resolutions that largely affected all key sectors including health, education, infrastructure development, science and technology and peace and security are aimed at economic recovery in Africa through cooperation with the Japanese Government.
“We have concluded the TICAD session today which discussed many issues including security, education development, science and technology and how best to run our countries through development projects such as infrastructure construction. This session for us in Tanzania is a catalyst for furthering our efforts to reach the middle-class economy and the industrial revolution by 2025 ”explained the Prime Minister.
Hon. The Prime Minister added that Japan has allocated some of its money to help African countries through credit and funding opportunities. He added that Tanzania would be well-organized as well as developing good labels for priority projects to secure funding.
He said that African countries, which are largely endowed with sufficient natural resources and raw materials for economic growth, have been stressed to strengthen relations with the private sector in the economic development of those countries.
Provided by:Government Communication Unit,Ministry of Foreign Affairs and East African CooperationYokohama, Japan30 August 2019

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