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Bandung Islamic University (Unisba) provides scholarships for hafiz al-qur'an who want to continue their studies to the undergraduate level. This scholarship is valid for prospective new students who register on the PMDK path.

The PMDK path that is implemented applies to all faculties that you choose. Initially, scholarships for hafiz al-qur'an only apply to study at the Faculty of Islamic Religion, but now hafiz can choose faculties outside the Faculty of Islamic Religion. Who wants?

According to Asep Ramdan Hidayat, Rector III for Student Affairs said, "actually it has been a long time freeing for students to memorize the Qur'an. However, the policy was applied specifically to the Faculty of Islamic Religion. However, starting this year hafiz students in all faculties will be made free, "Asep told reporters in Bandung, West Java, Thursday (7/21).

This scholarship is given from the beginning of the student entrance, until the lecture is finished. During the lecture period the hafiz will be free of tuition fees. Well, what are the requirements to get this scholarship?

Registrants are required to send PMDK registration emails and receive registration PINs via http://pmb.unisba.ac.id/
Fill out the online registration form for PMDK path,
Can read and write the Qur'an correctly,
Only allowed to choose one study program option,
High school graduates in 2016 or who are in class 3 high school.
Able to memorize 30 juz of the Qur'an, but those who memorize less than 30 juz are welcome to register (stated by LPTQ and following the interview).
According to Asep, for camaba hafiz 30 juz will be free of all education funding for the student to study until graduation. However, for hafiz who do not complete 30 juz will still get a free cost component. "This means that the scholarship is not full".

Until now, hafiz quran studying in Unisba has existed even though there are only three to four people. Scholarships for hafiz Al-Qur'an intentionally done with the hope they can transmit to his friends, added Asep.

For camaba who have competence in this field are expected not to miss this opportunity. Unisba still opens space for prospective applicants and opens new student registration every day. You can try to contact the campus and ask the requirements yes!

In the future, Unisba will establish a special mess for hafiz. This is expected to keep the hafiz to memorize every day.

"Tahfiz, if the climate and the environment are not maintained, the memorization can be lost," explained Asep.

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