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Minister for Livestock and Fisheries, Luhaga Mpina has allowed the importation of fish and seafood net after it was discovered that the net-producing industries in the country failed to withstand domestic market demand and caused major disruption to fishermen.

Speaking at the Sangara 2019 performance assessment session in Dodoma, Minister Mpina has directed the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries, Drs. Rashid Tamatama ensured that within 14 days he would complete the application and allow the importation of the nets. They also put in place mechanisms that will not affect the domestic manufacturing market.

In addition, Minister Mpina has called on his ministry to develop a strategy for controlling revenue loss, management and control of fisheries resources in the country to eliminate all traces of the Government's revenue loss and to secure effective fishery protection.

He has also called on the Ministry to review the aquaculture strategy, revive chicks breeding facilities and evaluate the private sector investment and identify current requirements to increase production that will contribute to reducing the impact of fishing on lakes, thus eliminating illegal fishing, employment and availability of industrial raw materials in the country.

Commenting on the results of the Sangara 2018 operation, Minister Mpina said a total of 3,998 suspects were arrested for various offenses and fined by others to be brought to Court, 575,152 illegal nets, 11,144 handcuffs and 859,304 meter long hoops were seized and burned with fire. , 135 illegally destroyed.

Also, 359,869 kilograms of unauthorized fish were seized and confiscated by the Government while 176,780 kilograms of juvenile fish were distributed free of charge to various institutions including schools, prisons, hospitals and special people with 183,059 kg of dried fish (5,889 kg) through auction.

Commenting on the success of the operation, Minister Mpina said 6 months (July-December 2017) before Sangara operation 2018 totaling shs. 8.5 billion was collected compared to shs. 17.7 billion collected during the 6 months (January-June 2018) period of operation.

Citing the Kirumba Fish Market in Mwanza, Minister Mpina said its revenue increased from 206.3 million shillings in July-December 2017 before starting operations and reaching 848.3 million shillings in the period January to June 2018 after the operation started. over the past six months revenue in the market has quadrupled.

He said a total of Shs. 26.3 billion was collected in the 2017/2018 financial year, compared to the total Shs 18.5 billion collected in the 2016/2017 financial year.

In addition to implementing the operation total shs. 9.3 billion was collected by the Government as a result of the fines, fines and sales of nationalized fisheries.

Also exports of the fish have increased from 26,000 tonnes in 2016/2017 to 26,700 tonnes in 2017/2018, ease of access to legally-grown fish, an increase in the size of processed fish while the demand for legal net has increased. The emergence of mass support for the war on illegal fishing by exposing people involved in illegal fishing activities.

In addition, Mr Mpina said in a statement that some Government officials, Councilors, Council chairs, MPs were involved in financing illegal fishing and that the names of the officials had already been presented to the state organs on a further basis with the staff being suspended. work.

For his part, the Minister of State, the Office of the President (PMO-RALG), Suleiman Jafo directed the Heads of State to designate the names of all Government officials involved at the Local Government level to participate or fund illegal fishing and bring them to his office so that he can take action in accordance with law.

Minister Jafo said the issue of National Resource Protection is for all Tanzanians so if there are some workers involved this week during the fifth phase of government they will not get a chance as fishing is one of the sectors most dependent on the construction of the industrial economy.

"As a nation we have every reason to unite in the fight against illegal fishing especially in this period of industrialization, my office will not hesitate to take strict disciplinary action against all employees who will be required to mention illegal fishing," said Jafo.

Chairman of the Standing Committee on Parliament, Agriculture, Livestock and Water, Mahmoud Mgithwa called on Minister Jafo to take full control of his mandate as some of the executives under his ministry are major sponsors of the illegal fishing network and hampered the Government's efforts to end the problem.

Measure said many fishing revenues were ending up in people's pockets

but the efforts and innovations made by the Minister Mpina and his ministry have enabled the collection of shs. 9.3 billion over the past six months and the money has gone into the National Fund to go towards aviation, rail, electricity, water, free education and health sector improvement.

  Chief Operating Officer Sangara 2018, Emanuel Bulai said the operation revealed serious violations of the law, including the use of illegal fishing gear, large-scale trapping of fishing products by foreign nationals entering the country and trading fish and herbs with her without following the law countries

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