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 Minister of Defense and the National Building Force, Hon. Dr.Hussein Mwinyi said he was pleased with the good work being done by the projects being implemented by SUMA JKT in the Lake region.

Dr. On his visit to inspect projects carried out by SUMA JKT and other companies under the Ministry of Lake region on 30/08/2019 in Kahama District, Shinyanga Region said he was very satisfied with the work done by a large part have gone to the expected level and that the existing challenges will be worked out.
"I assure the Regions and Councils responsible for the projects being implemented by SUMA JKT all the challenges will be worked out," said Dr You.
In addition, he has thanked the Hon.President John Magufuli for trusting the company under his Ministry and that is why he has made the visit to ensure that the faith lasts as well as urges all Regional and Council leaders to continue to believe it.
In addition, he has asked SUMA JKT to add additional work once they have received the funds to complete the Msalala District Council Headquarters whose construction has been stopped due to financial constraints.
SUMA Director JKT Colonel Rajab Mabele said the company has made great strides in the field of construction, but is also involved in various activities including agriculture and livestock farming.
Initially, welcoming Dr. Mwinyi Regional, Regional Head of Shinyanga Hon. Zainab Telack has asked him through the SUMA JKT company to look at how to have water harvesting projects so that the public can engage in irrigation.
"With the current drought, we are getting a lot of rain and we are harvesting rice that can feed the rest of the country, now we have seen how best to harvest that water and already some of the citizens have started digging big holes for harvesting water. Said Telack

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