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By Felix Mwagara, MOHA
Interior Minister Kangi Lugola has issued a stern warning to political parties in the country who have announced holding public meetings ahead of the deadline for local government elections.

Minister Lugola said this while in an exclusive interview with one news agency in Dar es Salaam today, stressing that the Police Force is strong this time as we head to the Local Government and General Elections next year, so the political parties announced the start. to hold public meetings ahead of time his Army will handle them accordingly.

"This should be clear and also kept in mind, public meetings are not yet allowed for Local Government elections, it is a mistake to hold public meetings before the date of the public meetings and campaigns are not announced, yesterday the party has announced the commencement of the public meeting, now go ahead with their plans, and then see what happens to them, ”said Lugola.

Minister Lugola said the government could not be played and that those who wanted to play it would be dealt with and prosecuted in accordance with the laws of the country.

"If they want to shake President Magufuli's brigade they will find it full, dare not play for the Government of this phase, we are strong and we will make sure that we protect the peace of this country at all, and this peace we will never lose," said Lugola adding; "I have been entrusted with this watch by President Magufuli so that I can defend it properly, so politicians should not wait for the time to start a campaign, and not to force you to hold public meetings without due process, that is totally unacceptable."

Also, Minister Lugola, when asked about the police stations not to issue a 24-hour warrant as directed to the rest of the country, was surprised if there were some such stations to continue to break his orders, so he wanted the public to call any person who is bullied by the soldiers or anyone in the Ministry. and its Institutions which he directs.

"Any citizen who is deprived of, or abused by, in the telephone is calling me, and there are also many ways to throw here in the Ministry through our social networks, websites and various commanders in all regions of the country," said Lugola.

In addition, Minister Lugola has banned the practice of Tanzanians to take the law into their hands in any of the events taking place in the country, he said, attacking him and beating him is illegal as well as other incidents.

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