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A total of four major administration projects, four teachers' houses and a $ 320 million female boarding project implemented by the TASAF community development fund have been launched at Mlowa High School in Mlowa County in Makambako province in Njombe.
Speaking to the public during the launch of the project, Tasaf Inspector Christopher Sanga on behalf of the director, said the projects were among the many projects currently being implemented in the two regions of Arusha and Njombe despite the main focus being on poor households .
"These projects being launched here are among the many projects being implemented at this time in our two regions of Arusha and Njombe, Tasaf's ongoing project is focused on addressing poor households and where we are going we will make the most of the word participants in the program" said Christopher Sanga
Sanga said the implementation of the projects is an integrated program within the larger scheme implemented by the community fund in Tanzania.
"The projects implemented here are a joint initiative introduced within the Tasaf-led large-scale government-funded project and the source of funding for these projects comes from the oil producer countries so called OPEC so this is the third phase implementation while the first and second phases were implemented in Mtwara and Lindi regions ”added Sanga
On another occasion, Sanga congratulated the residents of Mlowa village in cooperation with the village leadership since the acquisition of the projects came from the successful implementation of the first project of a girls hostel.
Njombe governor Christopher Olesekile, who is the official guest at the launch, thanked President Magufuli for assisting the people of the county through the Tasaf fund and urged citizens to continue supporting the government in bringing about development.
"These elders have been entrusted with managing this social development fund under the President's fund, so if you see the money being brought to you, it is sought by the President of the republic of Tanzania, we should continue to support President Magufuli's efforts, but personally I am also relieved by all these buildings being built to standards ”said Olesekile
Some residents of the ward have expressed their gratitude for the fund for their support in the development of their school while the students promised to give a gift of professional climbing and apply for the fund to help build a yard for food, stove and boarding for the boys

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