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A total of 1674 students out of 1,861 students who were waiting for the second option to join form five, have been offered the post after having the required qualifications.

This was noted yesterday by the Minister of State, the Presidency, Regional Administration and Local Government, Hon. Selemani Jafo while talking to reporters about student elections in Second Selection.

He said that 187 students failed to be excluded due to their combination of lack of required alignment.

Hon. Jafo said that of the 1,674 students selected were 1497 students who have been awarded arts and business studies while 178 students will be studying science and mathematics.

He further stated that the pupils should start reporting at their chosen schools from September 2 to 16 this year and that if they fail to do so, they will lose the opportunity.

"I also call on the 187 students who have failed to get elected because of their ineffectiveness and to apply to study at technical colleges which are administered by the Council of Technical Colleges (NACTE).

Jafo recently announced the choice of fifth-grade enrollment students and noted that a total of 108,644 students, equivalent to 98.31 percent, were selected to join form five and vocational colleges among 110,505 qualified students.

Hon. Jafo said that of those students, 69,356 students of which 31,809 girls and 37,547 boys have been selected to join form five which is equivalent to 62.76 percent of the 110,505 students who had

Selected to join the fifth form are 35,703 selected for Science and Mathematics, among them 14,876 girls and 20,827 boys while Arts and Business majors are 33,653, girls 16,934 and boys 16,719.

 Joining the schools with the best grades (special talent) are 1,462 of which girls are 646 and 816. “Among them 6 students are special needs three girls and three boys.

He said students with special needs selected were 157 if girls were 74 and boys were 86 while underrepresented students who studied under Adult Education were 174 if they were 74 girls and 100 boys.

In addition Hon. Jafo has called on students scheduled for the second phase to report from September 2, 2019 and students who will fail until September 30, 2019 will have lost their place

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