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By John Walter Babati
The Revolutionary CCM party said it would emerge with a big victory in a by-election in the council's Bagara district in Babati province.

This was stated by Babati's party secretary in Faisal Hamad where he said the party was not afraid of victory.

He said the CCM had made great preparations so for them the victory is a must in the Bagara ward that is running for re-election.

When CCM said this, Democratic Party and Development Secretary Chadema Zahr Mussa said that the people would decide who to vote for.

However, he has called on voters to follow all the procedures put in place to eliminate potential disruptions and that they are planning to protect the vote.

The re-election in Bagara Babati County in the city comes after former ward councilor and Democrat and Republican Chadema Bonifasi Nikodemu shifted the party to the Revolutionary Party in support of President Magufuli's efforts.

The candidate for the Chadema ticket is Mathias Zebedayo who is the chairman of the Momboni street while Cmm from Chadema Mr Black was the candidate for the Revolutionary Party's tikiet.

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