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Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner Hon. Paul Makonda today August 29 launches Strategy to Eliminate Illegal Immigrants in Dar es Salaam Region titled "LET US REMOVE" and instruct Local Authorities to restore Residential Register so that every resident from the Street level is aware of where he or she lives and works. .

RC Makonda has said the plan is enough for anti-aliens to live in violation of the Law and will involve the County, Local and Citizens who will be responsible for reporting once they find out the presence of a foreigner or a person who is suspicious of their Residential residence.

RC Makonda said the presence of illegal immigrants in the country is a risk factor as some of them commit crimes of Theft, Rape, Looting, exploiting the country's resources, taking advantage of opportunities that were supposed to benefit indigenous people including Health, Education and Employment, resulting in crowded prisons together. and be the Source of Minerals including Land.

As a result, RC Makonda has directed all Security and Security Institutions, District Heads, Council Directors, Ward and Local Authorities to ensure the program is 100% successful.

On the other hand, the Dar es Salaam Regional Immigration Commissioner said they have identified a large number of illegal immigrants from Burundi, the DRC, Somalia and Ethiopia and have always preferred to live in Dar es Salaam region as it has become a city with many commercial opportunities.

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