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Dar es Salaam Special Forces Police on 25/08/2019 at three and a half nights in Pugu areas, successfully captured two Shortgun weapons and a pistol.

In pursuit arrested an accused known by the name of OMARY ATHUMANI @ DANGA YEARS (39), a veteran resident who was also wanted for involvement in various armed robbery incidents, in an in-depth interview the suspect admitted to engaging in various terrorist activities. an armed robber and has been jailed for 30 years and came out of appeals and joined another gang.
The suspect also mentioned that there are three teammates who have also planned to raid and loot the M-money shop located in Pugu areas at the school so he is ready to take the Soldiers to the scene, the task force with the suspect set a trap and by that time Pugu area partners The women emerged from the bush when they realized that they were being tracked by soldiers in the area.
 The soldiers responded to the blows and succeeded in wounding three gangsters.
After the search the robbers were found with two weapons. YA-1547 SHORTGUN type cut from butt, with three bullets, one bullet shell and one BASTOLA with two bullets and two (2) bullets.
The Shortgun firearm was also found to have been confiscated on 13.04/209 at 4:30 pm a robbery case was opened at Ukonga Center and the weapon belonged to a defense company called ALEMS SECURITY CO.LTD located along the Segerea Dsm route and was used to loot amount of money Tsh 6,000,000 / = in MARKAZ Hole for a businessman named JUSTINE CHAULA, plus 5 different phones.
The accused initially admitted that he and his colleagues had been charged with murder and robbery with more than 6 cases that were in court before coming out on appeal in 2017.
Another incident on March 6, 2019 robbed M-money shops, Tigo money in the Ukonga detention center, the top bungalow district and looted Tsh 800,000 / = from a sand trader, Machimbo areas in Mkuranga district. Also the police district magistrate conducted a search at the home of the late OMARY ATHUMAN @ DANGA and successfully captured 7 bullets of Shorgun weapons and the case was investigated.
A task force is underway with an intense search to ensure the fleeing robber at the scene is quickly arrested and taken to court to answer the allegations against him.
Citizens increasingly report crime and criminals to keep our city of Dar es Salaam in a peaceful and tranquil state so that good citizens can continue to work to raise their income and the nation as a whole.
In the second incident, a special police force in Dar es Salaam succeeded in arresting a robber named ELIA MATAYO KITULI (55) of Kivule, Ilala district in DSM who was wanted, after escaping from a robbery incident on 04/07/2019 where two robbers were killed and two pistols were found in Kitunda quarry where I reported to the media.
The robber was arrested with a single Rifle weapon with the number MK3-90893 with 3 ammunition inside the magazine and various weapons confiscated at various locations as follows;1. Ipad two types of Samsung and Apple2. Smart phone eight (8) types of INFINX, Samsung, Nokia, Huawei, Techno and Iphone.3. One hour cell type Seiko 5 gold color4. One knife5. Digital camera one type of Sony6. Lap top one type of Toshiba7. Head one phone with various mobile charger
The suspect continued to be questioned at the police station when he was suddenly sick and taken to the Muhimbili national hospital and later died of a life-threatening illness. Some victims of robbery incidents failed to identify their devices where 2 types of Iphone and one Samsung were identified

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