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Temeke MP, Abdallah Mtolea has made it clear that in Ministries that, working with President ohn Magufuli are interested in the ministry of land due to their performance as well as their strategies that have been able to work and solve challenges.

Speaking to www.eatv.tv, the provider said that although the challenges for government officials are many, the Ministry of land has been struggling to overcome them.

"For me the ministry that is working hard and it is seen is the ministry of land and housing. The ministry has plans and its implementation is evident. Challenges are not impossible but they are committed to fighting for it and I support it" Provide.

The Provider has called on other ministries to learn through the ministry of land specifically on the issue of working hard to meet the needs of Tanzanians.

The Ministry of Land has been led by Minister Willium Lukuvi since 2015 after he was appointed by President John Pombe Magufuli to take office, where he has succeeded in resolving various disputes during a nearly 40-year dispute in which South Kilwa MP Bulege 'Bwege' testified during In the archive.

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