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Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli has said that prisoners should be worked day and night and that negligent prisoners should be 'kicked'.

Magufuli was speaking at the launch of the country's new chief prison officer.

He said it was a shame for Tanzania to continue to release prisoners and that those people should grow their own food on the farm.

He argues that the inactivity of prisoners has led to the presence of same-sex couples and the use of drugs in jail.

He has called for a moratorium on women or men to visit their wives or husbands in prison.

Dr Magufuli called on new Prison Commissioner General (CGP) Phaustine Martin Kasike to correct existing deficiencies in the Prison Force, including the government carrying the burden of feeding prisoners instead of prisoners to work on food production, the poor management of prisoners that causes some to commit crimes. the prison.

"I want to see Prison Soldiers in good standing, promoted, paid in their best interest and living in better housing," said President Magufuli

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