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And Amiri kilagilaila-NjombeTrade and commerce minister Innocent Bashungwa said the government had abolished 54 taxes on businesses as well as reducing the licensing authority.
Bashungwa said this in Makambako region of Njombe when speaking to businessmen from more than seven regions in the city who met in the city to discuss the challenges facing the business sector and come up with proposals to urge the government to reduce tax evasion, taxation and licenses to traders in order to help the sector which was mentioned in critical condition development at present.
"There are 54 taxes have been canceled and so to say only 54, your Honorable Chairperson, I have handed over 5 taxes" said Bashungwa
Addressing the challenges, representatives of traders from Tanga, Dar es Salaam, Mbeya, Songwe, Ruvuma, Iringa, Njombe and Katavi have said business conditions in the country have worsened because there has been a mix of tariffs and tariffs from various authorities including TRA, Councils. and other measures that make many people close their businesses.
Amani Mahellah, Sifael Msigala and Ismail Masoud are some of the representatives who made their comments at the country's largest trade meeting where they have asked industry and trade minister Innocent Bashungwa to make sure he meets all the ministries that touch the businessman in his role to look for solutions to the welfare of the industry. business and the nation at large.
"These tax collection agencies should meet with the business community so that everyone knows how much the businessman is taking," said Amani Mahellah, one of the traders.
Explaining the essence of the business crisis in the business community general secretary JWT Abdallah Mwinyi said the presence of a large bureaucracy in the port made them loopholes of corruption while TRA commissioner Edwin Mhede urged every businessman to report all corrupt practices as it offends the Revenue.
"Customs should be closely monitored and laws be changed on the financing and removal of cargo," said Abdallah Mwinyi
At the meeting four ministries with close business relations were invited including industry and trade, trade, finance and investment

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