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The Food, Agriculture and Food Industry from Southern African Development Community (SADC) Member States has said it will continue to work closely with the people in the region to strengthen the implementation of the SADC 2015-2020 Development Policy in particular in the Commercial Sector for various Agricultural and Livestock practices.

Speaking to Journalists in Dar es Salaam, Director of Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Domingos Dove said that it is best to engage the media in the industry to provide verified information, to see the challenges they face, to success so that one can know the secret that is going to strengthen trade with the SADC market on Agricultural and Livestock products.

He stated that the Secretariat has a strong commitment to provide experts in implementing the Development Policy of the African region, to ensure a sustainable development for the member states.

“As the SADC Secretariat we do a great deal of strategic work in member states and we look forward to seeing and touching all parts from the national level to the regional level and this work ensures that all policies in the 16 countries of this Community are integrated in policy to facilitate working together, this is our mission ”, Domingos Gove, SADC.

Domingos said that the aim of the Secretariat for member states is to promote, co-ordinate and facilitate the integration of various Development and Development projects with the 16 SADC member states.

Domingos cited that if Tanzania has a Agricultural Policy Development Program, the Secretariat will work closely with the Tanzanian Government to integrate that policy with the other 16 African countries.

He said that in implementing the SADC Development Policy, the Secretariat is working on a number of areas, strengthening agriculture and food production, strengthening the market and connecting people in 16 SADC countries to reach a market of over 300 million people .

"We need to be able to publicize and inspire citizens in SADC member states to produce and excite the market of over 300 people. This is our role as Secretariat and we will continue to promote, improve and encourage trade among member states on agricultural and livestock practices, therefore citizens are required to produce according to what the SADC market will be ”, Domingos Gove, SADC.

Domingos added that the Secretariat also addresses issues of food security and nutrition for citizens from SADC, in order to facilitate a sustainable economy in the 16 member states, with the main objective being to harmonize some Implementation Policies among member states.

In addition, Domingos said that the Secretariat plays an important role in protecting the natural resources of the African continent and cited Tanzania as one of the most successful natural resources in the world, including wildlife.

"We are proud that Serengeti and Kilimanjaro are in the Southern African Development Community SADC and are appealing to many people from all over the world. Domingos Gove, SADC.

In addition, the Secretariat is responsible for investing in overseeing the transformation of the navy in the African region as it has been a major challenge among SADC member states.

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