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In response to the challenge of the shortage of the cotton market the Simiyu region has prepared a special five-year plan (2019-2024) for the revolution of the crop to answer the challenges facing cotton farmers.

This was noted by the Simiyu Regional Commissioner, Hon. Anthony Mtaka at the Cotton Stakeholder Conference held on August 28, 2019 in Bariadi with the aim of developing a Special Strategy for the Cotton Farm Revolution in Simiyu Province, over the five-year period 2019-2014,

Opening the summit Mtaka said there was great importance for Simiyu Province to have a factory / industry to increase the value of cotton production including textile industry as a solution to the cotton market for farmers.

"If we don't have value-adding factories on cotton, even if we increase production, it will come to a point where we will insult each other, because cotton will be plentiful and no one buys it and buyers know we don't have to export it, so we have to agree and that's why we have to come up with this emerging strategy. and a farmer from cultivation ”said Mtaka.

In addition, Mtaka said to assist farmers in accessing credit it is advisable that banks set up friendly lending arrangements while calling on the Central Bank through the Directorate of Policy to draft strategic plan documents including cotton that will assist in supplementing the crop.

Presenting the strategy to the cotton stakeholders in Simiyu, Assistant Secretary for Planning and Coordination in Simiyu Region, Mr. Donatus Weginah said value adding to cotton in Simiyu region is still low; where currently the process is to manufacture cotton, seed and oil filters, while noting that the region's ambitions are to go beyond the process of analyzing cotton.

As well as increasing the value of cotton wool stakeholders have commented on improving Cotton cultivation to become more productive and stating that “In order to improve cotton farming we must have technologies that will address the challenges of climate change, pests and diseases” said Epiphany Temu from the Agricultural Research Institute (TARI) if you are bored

"Seed is the basis of the cotton production that must be produced in the market, so at an approved seeding site such as Meatu and Igunga ginners (cotton processing plants) who will buy local cotton be given the responsibility of producing seed to have a good seed development" Cornelius Chief Agricultural Officer, Ministry of Agriculture.

Project Director from Gatsby Africa, Samuel Kilua has called on all stakeholders to ensure that each stakeholder fulfills his or her role in ensuring that the strategy is effectively implemented in improving cotton farming.

Closing the session Secretary Tawalawa Simiyu Province, Mr. On Tuesday Sagini said the strategy for the cotton cultivation revolution in Simiyu region would be implemented in action and called on the financial institutions, officials and experts controlling farmers, cooperatives and other stakeholders to start negotiations so that once the strategy is implemented there will be a common understanding of all stakeholders.

The five-year strategic development meeting (2019-2024) of the cotton cultivation revolution included various cotton farming stakeholders including Party and State leaders Simiyu Province, Agricultural Experts from Agricultural Research Institutions, the Ministry of Agriculture, Councils and Regional, Financial Institutions, leaders of primary cooperatives

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