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By Munir Shemweta, WANMM COUNCIL
The government has commissioned 13 households located in pastoral land in the Wembele reserve Makomelo village of Kitulo district in Igunga region in Tabora region to move from the designated area to farmers to eliminate the long-standing conflict between pastoralists and farmers.

The government's statement follows farmers invading the herding area of ​​the village and preventing herders from grazing their livestock which violated the original agreement that each party would remain in its area for its activities.

Addressing both pastoralists and farmers in Makomelo village on his way to mobilize state revenue collection through land tax and inspect the Land Registry in Tabora region yesterday 24 August 2019, Deputy Minister of Land and Development Resident Dr Angeline Mabula said the government could not continue to see people fighting and killing each other when the area's boundaries were set.

The controversial area, he said, is known as the Wembele reserve under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism but the government wisely decided to use the land for farmers and herders and set boundaries but the farmers decided to violate the system and invade the pastoral area. to be unacceptable.

'' Violators of the original order go away, there are 13 households we cannot afford to keep dying in these, the government has set limits what is required to respect the decisions '' said Dr Mabula

According to Deputy Minister of Land Affairs and Housing Development, what is required of the two parties in the dispute is to respect the agreement until the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism takes over.

He called on farmers and farmers not to continue the violence and to respect the agreement they had previously agreed on when he instructed Igunga district commissioner in Tabora John Mwaipopo to make sure he oversees the evacuation of 13 households in the farmers' area.

Chairman of the Kitulo Suburb in Igunga County Zephania Ndassa explained to the Deputy Minister of Land and Housing Development, that the area had become a major conflict between farmers and herders and that an agreement was reached in 2004 under the leadership of Tabora Governor at the time the late Abbas Kandoro.

According to Ndassa the opposing sides are fully aware that the area has been the reserve of Wembele since 2002 and they have been using it to determine when it will be taken by Natural Resources but the crisis has been troubling.

Makomelo Village resident Christopher Shigela asked Dr Mabula to survive the long-standing crisis, especially after district and regional efforts hit the rock and point out that, despite the presence of landmarks that identified farmers and pastoralists but farmers continued to invade the situation. which caused people injury and others to lose lives

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