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Skin health experts also note that prolonged and frequent bathing, the use of fragrant soaps and excess foam are other factors that contribute to allergies as well as dryness of the skin due to its ability to remove excess amounts of fat that protects the skin.

To minimize irritation, "Use oily soaps, but they do not have harsh scents."

Under normal circumstances the act of bathing should be considered enjoyable because of the fact that it makes the body refreshing and fresh. But for some people things are different. The shower is similar to a shower.

One of the most common health problems that plague many people in the world and deprive them of life, is the problem of body irritation immediately after bathing. Irritation after bathing can occur on the whole body or may involve some parts.

This condition may occur for a few minutes or it may take a long time and for some people, this can be a chronic problem. Although this health problem is like any other, for some people for lack of accurate information, it is associated with false beliefs.

The fact of the matter is that there are a number of contributing factors to this problem and some have no serious side effects such as life-threatening.

Despite the scientific fact that 70% of the human body is dehydrated, on the other hand it can be a source of health problems especially when it contains stimulants or causes allergic reactions. It is not surprising to find that water that is clean and safe for drinking may not be safe for bathing.

Among the reasons for the occurrence of postnatal fever are environmental factors and other causes are related to genetic genetic defects in the immune system.

At times this problem can be an important symptom manifesting some infectious and non-communicable diseases such as kidney, liver, thyroid problems, blood disorders, diabetes, ovarian cancer and hypertension.

Some studies point out that other causes include air pollution for toxic chemicals found in tobacco smoke, plastic bags, home remedies, pesticides, indoor dust that carry pathogens together and air pollution for automotive smoke and those produced by industrial in urban areas.

These substances cause the body to be affected by creating an internal environment that stimulates the occurrence of irritation when the body becomes excited, a condition known as allergic reactions.

Allergies begin when the antibody system identifies these chemicals as the body's invaders and orders its known T-lymphocites and B-lymphocytes to respond to invaders' attacks by producing specialized chemicals known as immunoglobulin E and prostaglandins that stimulate the production of other chemicals such as histamine, tryptase and chymase, with the aim of breaking down the invasive chemical forces.

Some researchers note that as a result of genetic genetic defects there is an increase in the chemical Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate Phosphodiesterase which destroys the basophils and mast cells and causes them to become over-stimulated and produce too much histamine. contributes significantly to the occurrence of allergies.

Many people are allergic to a variety of things including herbal remedies, chemicals used in soaps, cosmetics, certain types of foods, several chemicals used in food processing, chemicals in water such as chlorine (watergurd), bath water. many salts and chemicals used in the manufacture of clothing, including bath towels.

The struggle between the immune system and what the body mistakenly identifies as invaders, can lead to asthma, skin irritation, eye infections, frequent flu and abdominal pain.

This struggle can also lead to an allergic reaction to foods such as eggs, milk, fish, meat, nuts, foods derived from wheat flour, coffee, alcohol and other food and beverage products made or processed by chemicals. This condition can also be caused by eating foods that contain a mixture of spices such as pilau and many spices.

Eating foods that contain low levels of nutrients is also said to contribute to the occurrence of body irritation during bathing.
Many people do not consume the right amount of fruits, vegetables and safe fats from plants or fish, which adversely affects skin health.

Another problem that causes the body to irritate during bathing is to not use enough amounts of drinking water every day. This condition causes the body to become dehydrated and affect.

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