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By Daniel Mbega
Dear entrepreneur, you will remember that in this series of articles on commercial breeding, we have learned many things, including the establishment of the livestock business, the benefits of breeding and the different rabbits that are suitable for breeding.
In this article, we look at how to build better rabbit barns to bring you profit in a time when there is a high demand for meat.

As we focus on the 2025 National Development Vision that wants Tanzanians to become economically viable, as well as focusing on Sustainable World Development that seeks to end poverty as well as increase access to food, the rabbit breeding business is worth considering.
I know the benefits of livestock because I was born and raised in a pastoral environment although back then there was no such progress.
Today when I talk about rabbit breeding, I realize that this investment can bring you productivity in just as many ways as selling rabbit urine to various laboratories, getting fertilizers from their feces that are also used for breeding worms. Meat, however, is a major and important commodity.
What I want to point out to here is my fellow entrepreneurs are just a simple introduction to rabbit breeding starting with what you have, not as the so-called professionals.
We know our economic situation, so if we start thinking about capital we can never succeed in entrepreneurship.
In that sense, we have to start in the environment we are in, with the resources available and we can grow slowly to the point of investing in rabbit breeding.
I will try to explain step by step since you started herding for the first time and explain how you can deal with challenges that are not listed in other books or guides. But always remember that, experience is a good teacher in entrepreneurship.
The basics
There are many things that you should know before you start rabbit breeding. But I will try to explain in order to give you some insight into how to start a herd.
As you go along, and if possible, you should have enough information about the herding, from the construction of the barns, how to care for them, their filtering after slaughtering, archiving and so on.
Personally I can only spend five minutes chewing on a rabbit, unlike how long you spend chickens.
Rabbits do not have a breeding season, you can start breeding at any time and they can start breeding at any time, unlike other animals.
Two rabbits and one male can provide you and your family with 81 kilograms of meat a year, which is more than the average family of five people.
Building of the Pavilion

Rabbit breeding can be done anywhere. Many breeders use barns, backyard areas or unused barns as an appropriate place to put rabbit bodies.
Note: These lumps are similar to those used in poultry breeding although these rabbits are larger and larger in size.
You can build a large common pavilion using locally available wood, planks or wood, which are also available.
If possible, you can build a brick wall and leave windows and seals with thick nets and small nets (like mosquito nets) to prevent pests from entering. Remember, rabbits need to get plenty of air, but they also like darker areas. The pavilion must be well positioned so that it does not leak especially in the spring.
The size of the yard that you can use to keep rabbit limbs depends on the number of rabbits you want to breed. The starters have no problem, but I talk about the goals of your project.
You can build a 16-foot-wide pavilion with a height of 24 feet. The central roof height should be 12 feet from the floor and the sidewalk must be 8 feet high.
The cost of building such a pavilion will depend on the resources you have used to build it.
If you keep commercially, keep a good floor because you will use the best methods to protect the urine that is the property. But if you do not want to prevent urine, then do not spray so that when the urine leaks it can sink into the ground and helps in cleaning and removing odors. Sturdy flooring should always be cleaned, especially if you have not used the best urine protection methods.
But I advise you, prevent urine because it is a property. You will earn a lot of money without having to rely on it.
Lungs that are elevated and make a special tin for urine.
If you do not want to use lumps, never put your rabbit on the soil floor, because rabbits have a tendency to dig and you may find that they have pierced the ground and get out.
Ground floor will also cause you trouble as the rabbits give birth, as they can breed in pits.
So, if you are raising them without the use of lids, lay the floor and place the bedding on the floor.


Tanks (hutches or cages) must be made

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