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Beekeeping and modern-day production of honey by building a beehive enables the beekeeper to increase production as well as income.

 Bee Room 1 Beekeeping is a work that has existed and lasted for many centuries. Beekeeping operations in Tanzania, especially in the Tabora region, which are famous for honey production, have been officially recognized since 1884, when colonists such as Rebman and Craft arrived in the area.

During that time, local communities were raising bees on tree trunks, shrubs, pots, caves, tunnels and on rocks. Over time the herding gradually improved and many people became herds using hives cut from tree logs. This herd has been around for centuries throughout Tanzania.

Due to the demand and increased use of bee products, various studies have been conducted that have improved beekeeping by developing modern hives that have enhanced honey production and increased livestock production than ever before. Studies have not only focused on improving the hives, but on a daily basis there are better ways to improve bee production. In this article, we will talk about how you can build a home for bees to improve their production environment, and ultimately achieve greater efficiency.

The bee house
This is a new breed of beekeeping where you can build a hut or house and put the hives as much as you need.

Why build a house or a hut?
• It is important to keep bees in a hut or house because it helps to control the hives, as well as animals that eat honey and harm the bees.
 • It simplifies the handling of the hives and keeps the bees from moving elsewhere.
• It helps many people learn how to properly keep bees, including children, which makes this activity sustainable.
• This kind of beekeeping helps to protect bees against disasters such as fires and floods.
• It avoids bees and disturbances that may cause them to breed to the required level.
• Productivity is increasing. This is because the tanks used are commercial. 1 hive receives 30 kg of honey equivalent to 20 liters.

Bee RoomAn house
You can build a house 3 feet wide and 9 feet high. This house can take up to fifty tanks. Alternatively, you can build a booth of the same size.

Ideal location
• To be effective, this house must be built on the outskirts.
• No livestock nearby.
• Be a place where children cannot reach.
• It should not be near the route that people regularly pass.
• There should be no species that bees do not like.
• There should be water nearby.

The harvest
After you build a house, put hives and bees in, you can harvest for the first time in three months. You will be able to get a good harvest if you harvest before the bees and other insects start eating honey.

It is important to ensure that pests such as snails, bugs and others are controlled so as not to affect the production of honey. Make sure you harvest a professional to avoid the loss of honey. If bees are well cared for and in good conditions, you can harvest honey three times a year. In the new hive the bees are able to make the honey for three days and start production of honey.

What is the significance of honey
• Honey is used as food
• It is used as a cure for various ailments
• Used to treat wounds
• It is a good source of income
• Used in the manufacture of human medicine
* Honey can be stored for many years without spoilage. This is due to the amount of specific medicine that it contains that makes it ineffective.

Honey products
 The Bee Room 2There are many different products from honey, made by bees themselves and others from man made by various studies. Among these products are:
• Honey itself
• Royal jelly: This is a kind of milk made by bees, which is used as a remedy.
• Glue: This is used to make a variety of products according to user requirements.
• Wax: used to make nail polish, fibers, shoe remedies, lubricants, and skin creams.

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