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The Chairman of the Revolutionary Party (CCM) in the Songwe Region Eliniko Mkola has banned leaders of the Party in Songwe from presenting any kind of threats to the Civil Servants here.

Mkola issued the ban yesterday during a sitting of CCM Songwe Regional Council sitting on the notice of the implementation of the CCM Notice for the period January to June 2019 when the statement was received and passed.

"There is a problem with some party leaders listening to the words and not investigating them. While some Party leaders threaten government officials, it is banned for such actions from today" emphasized Mkola.

He added that all institutions are working in accordance with the rules and procedures so it is best to create reading habits so that party leaders and those of the government each know its limits of performance.

Mkola has called on party and government leaders to work together to build the Songwe Region as they all have the same goal to ensure development is achieved in the Region.

Songwe Regional Brigadier General Nicodemus Mwangela said existing government officials had no intention of destroying the Songwe Region so party leaders should use them to ensure that citizens get progress.

Brig. Jen. He added that should the party leaders feel that things in the region or their councils are not going well they should submit the issues to the leaders in the region for action and also try to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

For his part, Songwe Regional Secretary David Kafulila said party and Government leaders should not be shy to tell each other the truth about the shortcomings of some government officials as they do so the development of the region will be delayed.

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