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There are different types of chickens that a breeder can breed and each depends on the goals of the person who wants to carry out this herding activity, so today I brought you four main categories of chickens that we breed in Tanzania.
This is one of the best kept chickens in the country and these chickens are kept for meat production only. The production of these chickens is taken from the hen parents from outside the country and stored in a special place for the production of eggs and the eggs are retrieved and the chicks for meat,
Benefits of Meat Chicken.
The benefit you will get as a breeder is that these chickens are kept for a little over two or three months and sold for meat use, so they are a good place to make a living and benefit from your breeding.

Take note.
The cost of raising these chickens is a little high so if you decide to make a living for raising your income it is important to keep many chickens at one time and this will make you more profitable than raising a few chickens and you will lose weight if you do not pay. complete about your herding.

It is very important to keep a record of expenditures on your poultry project so that when you do sell you can evaluate yourself and know if you have realized any advantages or disadvantages in your project.
These are the kind of chickens that are bred for specific purposes to produce eggs, these chickens lay very eggs and they hatch without a cock, these chickens are well-prepared for hatching so if you decide to put a cock on them, they will not have that quality. required.
Benefits Of Egg Chicken.
Since these chickens are good egg-feeders, they give the breeder a daily income until he reaches the end of his project, ie two years.

Take note.
In order to get the intended benefit of your chicken project you need to provide them with a good and adequate diet as well as consider vaccines and remedies for diseases when you see an infection.

Poultry farming is one of the most profitable projects provided that the herdman complies with the best practices of herding. This breeding program is important for raising as many as three hundred chickens and continuing to see the benefits.
These are the types of chickens who have mixed some kind of chicken with another type of chicken and got the same kind of chicken, for example: a traditional rooster is mixed with a modern defender and the chicks that come out will be hybrid because they will have some local characteristics and some characteristics modern.

These chickens are locally abundant and there are different groups of chickens depending on their origin and location, for example: MALAWI, KENBRO, SASO and KROILA and these differ in their characteristics and origin.
Advantages of Chicken Chicken
Here I will mention in detail all the benefits but sometimes I will analyze the individual types of hybrid chicken.
They are fast and have great shapes unlike the native chickens so they are very good for meat.

They are very good breeders unlike the native chickens (these well-served chickens lay between 180-300 eggs per year so they are very good for eggs.

They live in any environment in that they can live comfortably if they are left to look for food.

They are more resistant to diseases (vaccination is important to give them) than beef or eggs.

Their meat is so good it is no different from the native chicken.

With a heavy weight one chicken reaches up to six kilograms.

Its market is huge.
These are chickens whose origins are here in Tanzania and we have them in many parts of our country, these chickens are small in appearance and hybrid chicken, and these chickens do not grow as fast as hybrid chicken, this kind of chicken lays very few eggs. year and they hatch between 40-120 eggs.
Benefits of native poultry.
These chickens are domesticated in any environment because they are good at finding food for themselves, so that you can get the most out of your poultry project. It is advisable to give them extra food so they can grow quickly and gain weight.

These chickens are relatively inexpensive so I advise you if you have a good location it is important to start raising these chickens as they have no problems in herding.

These chickens are very popular in the country for their meat and eggs being very good and they are natural chickens so we believe they have no chemicals and this is absolutely true,
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These are different types of poultry in our country and the important thing is to look at your goals and the need for the relevant community. The interesting and interesting thing is that these types of chickens are breeding throughout our country so look at your environment and start doing breeding.
Benefits of raising other chickens include;
Chickens are an immediate source of income by selling chickens or eggs.
Chickens can completely increase your income and get rid of poverty.
Chicken meat and eggs are an important protein for the family.

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